Polaroid Project Day 4 photo 3

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 4-3 by JW Purdy

Shannon and I had to drive South of our home to Victoria Texas on business and took the time out to shoot a couple of photos. On our way home we noticed a public boat ramp that was completely empty due to the fact it was late Sunday afternoon. We stopped a found a really nice dock that I wanted to use for our first photo. We set up and everything looked great in the viewfinder. The sun was streaking through the clouds and gave a heavenly feel to the image. With Shannon standing flat to the camera I placed the viewfinder so that the streaks of sun coming through the clouds looked as if they we sent just to highlight her figure. Unfortunately the Polaroid was not able to capture the details of the rays coming down and the photo just appears as a flat unimaginative image. It will really take some time to get used to what I can and can not capture with the Polaroid.

Polaroid Project Day 1 photo 1

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 1-1 by JW Purdy

As promised yesterday, our favorite photo from the first session of our new long-term project. The first element of the photo that really hit me was the piercing gaze on Shannon’s face. Even from a slight distance with a Polaroid, her eyes are so intense. The contrast of Shannon’s figure to the aged wood in the background is absolutely perfect. I love that the near black gears and belts give the scene a little additional pop and wow factor. Shannon’s braid, even though it’s black, acts as a leading line to her beautiful full breasts. Her square shoulders really act to separate her from the background and give the photo a three-dimensional feel. Her arm and hand placement work very well to frame her body in a very feminine way and are not distracting. I like the fact that the curve of her bottom is just hidden from full view making you want to see more. If you could only get on the tips of your toes maybe you could see a full view of it. I love a photo that gives you a feeling of wanting to see just a little more.

As you can tell I am very satisfied with our first outing for the new project. The second one is already in the books as well and I will start posting the images tomorrow. I hope you are enjoying seeing Shannon on a regular basis again. I know I am happy working with her again. I feel complete and in harmony with the world and looking forward to this weekends shoot. We are BACK in business, oh yeah!

Unit next time,

JW Purdy

Polaroid Project Day 1 photo 2

Shannon Purdy Polaroid Project Day 1 photo 2 by JW Purdy

Ok, so during the last big project I had some people that criticized me for making mention to some aspects of Shannon’s figure or by featuring a part of Shannon’s anatomy they felt were “dirty”. I hope by now you have seen that we just show you, Shannon, thur my eyes and do not mean any disrespect to you or her. I absolutely adore my wife and we don’t feel that I degrade her in any way. Shannon has agreed with this statement over and over again.

Having said all that, Shannon’s lovely butt is back everyone 😉 This photo has already received an overwhelming response on my photo sharing site with Shannon’s followers applauding the return of the rear view. As you can tell by the numbering of this photos it is one of my favorite images from this day. Shannon grabbed ahold of a belt on the seed separator and looking back at me pushed her rear at me with a big smile and then said, “How does this look”. She knows exactly what she is doing and as soon as I saw her pose I went to framing the image in my viewfinder. As I leaned down to take the shot Shannon focused on a distant part of the room and magic happened. The exposed print shot out of the front of the camera and was quickly placed in my pocket for proper development. When I capture an image like this one it is so hard not to try and get a sneak peek of the photo. I know I can’t see the image until after a few minutes of development but that doesn’t keep me from wanting too. The new formula of Polaroid requires a longer developing time and it is also recommended that the photo is left in a dark or shaded area, such as my pocket so that it doesn’t over develop making it too bright.

Tomorrow will bring my favorite photo from this session so please check in for a look until then,

JW Purdy

Polaroid Project Day 1 photo 7

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 1-7 by JW Purdy

So I made a post just a few minutes ago in which I told everyone that I had mislabeled a few photos. Here is photo 7 from our shoot that I really should have rated higher than 7. I’m sure some will agree with me but there are always a few that will disagree which is great. I love hearing your thoughts on our work. I felt this image was stronger than the last posted photo marked 1-5 due to the S-shape in Shannon’s figure. The major draw back of this image is the large very bright object near the bottom of the frame. This is too distracting in my opinion and takes away from the overall quality of the photo.

Thank you,

JW Purdy