Polaroid Project Day 4 photo 1

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 4-1 by JW Purdy

This is my favorite photo from our day in Victoria Texas. The camera rollers left a strange color shift never the far edge of the photo but I kind of like it. It gives the photo a very old vintage feel and adds just a hint of warmth. I love Shannon’s strong gaze and her bold body position. Another little imperfection I did not notice at the time is the small branch draped over her thigh, which I also think adds to the overall quality of the Polaroid.

Until next time,

JW Purdy

Polaroid Project Day 4 photo 2

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 4-2 by JW Purdy

Co-located with the public boat ramp is a little park for picnics and the like. Shannon and I took a little time to explore this area and found several old oak trees that were to beautiful to pass up. As you can see in this shot the base of this tree is more than twice the size of Shannon and must be at least 50 years old. Shannon tried a few different poses in this location. This one finds her leaning into the tree and pleasantly shows off her lovely round bottom. I really love the contrast of Shannon’s soft skin to the rough bark of the tree. Even with a Polaroid print this detail was easy to see giving you an idea of how textured the tree really was.

Until next time,

JW Purdy

Polaroid Project Day 4 photo 3

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 4-3 by JW Purdy

Shannon and I had to drive South of our home to Victoria Texas on business and took the time out to shoot a couple of photos. On our way home we noticed a public boat ramp that was completely empty due to the fact it was late Sunday afternoon. We stopped a found a really nice dock that I wanted to use for our first photo. We set up and everything looked great in the viewfinder. The sun was streaking through the clouds and gave a heavenly feel to the image. With Shannon standing flat to the camera I placed the viewfinder so that the streaks of sun coming through the clouds looked as if they we sent just to highlight her figure. Unfortunately the Polaroid was not able to capture the details of the rays coming down and the photo just appears as a flat unimaginative image. It will really take some time to get used to what I can and can not capture with the Polaroid.

Polaroid Project Day 2: The photo I missed

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project shoot Day 2 Canon shot-1 by JW Purdy

I have been telling you that I really missed a great shot the day we went shooting in the rice field with the abandon tractor. I was not being sparing with my film and just ran out at the wrong time. As soon as I exposed the last image Shannon jumped in the rim of the John Deere and I knew I had made a big mistake in taking multiple shots of the empty field. I ran back to the car and got out my Canon digital camera which I had brought along as back-up. I’m so glad I at least had the forethought to bring a back-up camera. I think this is the best shot of the day and only wish I had captured it with the Polaroid. In working with the image in post, I don’t know if it would have been exposed correctly on the instant film due to the time of day so maybe it’s best I took it with the digital camera. By and by I’m just glad I captured the image.

Have a great weekend,

JW Purdy

Polaroid Project Day 2 photo 1

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 2-1 by JW Purdy

We have finally reached my favorite photo from our second day of shooting. What made this photo really stick out to me was the coloring of the sky as well as the orange cast it left on Shannon’s skin. I also love the soft curves of her figure in contrast to the jagged blades of the disc plow. If you notice the two arms of the disc plow form an implied triangle. Shannon is standing at the base of this triangle which leads your eye straight to her. I am so glad I continued driving West on this day rather than just turning around and heading home. “The West is the best”, a phrase that not only works for flying but is also a fantastic song lyric.

Until next time,

JW Purdy

Polaroid Project Day 2 photo 2

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 2-2 by JW Purdy

Sorry for such a long delay in posting. Things have drastically changed at my work and I will shortly be in transition to somewhere new once again. I vow to continue the project even with things changing.

I really love the hue of the sky in this shot. This was one of the last photos we took during this trip. It was the end to a really fun day. Please check in tomorrow, I’m going to try and post our favorite Polaroid from this trip. Then later this week I will post the photo I should have captured with the little blue camera before we ran out of film.

Thank you,

JW Purdy

Polaroid Project Day 2 photo 3

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 2-3 by JW Purdy

Very similar to an earlier post yet better in execution. In this photo the trees are slightly further away from Shannon and have a more pleasing feel to them.  Shannon’s arm’s are in a very similar position but the feeling is much better since they don’t appear as symmetrical in this pose.

Have a great weekend,

JW Purdy

Polaroid Project Day 2 photo 4

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 2-4 by JW Purdy

In this image we made just a slight variation from yesterdays pose with a significant move in the position of the camera. I like the feel of this pose more than the other. It doesn’t strike me as being a glamour photo like the other one did. I am surprised at the amount of red cast on Shannon’s body in this photo. It was just before sundown but it seemed that the red came out more in the Polaroid more than the orange. I wish I had been able to get a little bit of a higher shooting angle. I really wanted to be slightly above and looking down but I didn’t have anything to stand on.

I see you again tomorrow,

JW Purdy

Polaroid Project Day 2 photo 5

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 2-5 by JW Purdy

In this photo, we went for a sexy pose which is always fun. Shannon is the perfect accent to this great piece of machinery. I love that you really get a sense of scale in this photo with Shannon leaning on the tractor tire. This really is a big piece of equipment. Shannon is 5’9″, which is rather tall, and she looks small up against the tires.

Sorry for the late post,

JW Purdy