JW Purdy’s Bio

Once a boy was given an old film camera…

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As a young boy, I was given a 110-film camera and I fell in love with photography. I shot as much film as my family would allow me to have. I played with photography off and on for all my school years including college. Finally, I bought my first SLR camera in early 2008 after a motorcycle accident ended my career as a pilot and nearly ended my life. After two weeks of playing around with the camera, a pen pal encouraged me to hire a model and give figure study a try. I fell in love with shooting the female form after my first figure shoot. The curator of Houston Photography Center, HCP, looked over those first images and gave me a few pointers, inspiring me to study as much as I could. Since that meeting, I have spent countless hours reading as well as shooting the female figure, including much of my wife-muse. I owe every success to God.

Thank you,

JW Purdy