Polaroid Project Day 4 photo 3

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 4-3 by JW Purdy

Shannon and I had to drive South of our home to Victoria Texas on business and took the time out to shoot a couple of photos. On our way home we noticed a public boat ramp that was completely empty due to the fact it was late Sunday afternoon. We stopped a found a really nice dock that I wanted to use for our first photo. We set up and everything looked great in the viewfinder. The sun was streaking through the clouds and gave a heavenly feel to the image. With Shannon standing flat to the camera I placed the viewfinder so that the streaks of sun coming through the clouds looked as if they we sent just to highlight her figure. Unfortunately the Polaroid was not able to capture the details of the rays coming down and the photo just appears as a flat unimaginative image. It will really take some time to get used to what I can and can not capture with the Polaroid.