Polaroid Project Day 2: The photo I missed

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project shoot Day 2 Canon shot-1 by JW Purdy

I have been telling you that I really missed a great shot the day we went shooting in the rice field with the abandon tractor. I was not being sparing with my film and just ran out at the wrong time. As soon as I exposed the last image Shannon jumped in the rim of the John Deere and I knew I had made a big mistake in taking multiple shots of the empty field. I ran back to the car and got out my Canon digital camera which I had brought along as back-up. I’m so glad I at least had the forethought to bring a back-up camera. I think this is the best shot of the day and only wish I had captured it with the Polaroid. In working with the image in post, I don’t know if it would have been exposed correctly on the instant film due to the time of day so maybe it’s best I took it with the digital camera. By and by I’m just glad I captured the image.

Have a great weekend,

JW Purdy

Polaroid Project Day 2 photo 1

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 2-1 by JW Purdy

We have finally reached my favorite photo from our second day of shooting. What made this photo really stick out to me was the coloring of the sky as well as the orange cast it left on Shannon’s skin. I also love the soft curves of her figure in contrast to the jagged blades of the disc plow. If you notice the two arms of the disc plow form an implied triangle. Shannon is standing at the base of this triangle which leads your eye straight to her. I am so glad I continued driving West on this day rather than just turning around and heading home. “The West is the best”, a phrase that not only works for flying but is also a fantastic song lyric.

Until next time,

JW Purdy

Polaroid Project Day 2 photo 2

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 2-2 by JW Purdy

Sorry for such a long delay in posting. Things have drastically changed at my work and I will shortly be in transition to somewhere new once again. I vow to continue the project even with things changing.

I really love the hue of the sky in this shot. This was one of the last photos we took during this trip. It was the end to a really fun day. Please check in tomorrow, I’m going to try and post our favorite Polaroid from this trip. Then later this week I will post the photo I should have captured with the little blue camera before we ran out of film.

Thank you,

JW Purdy

Polaroid Project Day 2 photo 3

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 2-3 by JW Purdy

Very similar to an earlier post yet better in execution. In this photo the trees are slightly further away from Shannon and have a more pleasing feel to them.  Shannon’s arm’s are in a very similar position but the feeling is much better since they don’t appear as symmetrical in this pose.

Have a great weekend,

JW Purdy

Polaroid Project Day 2 photo 4

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 2-4 by JW Purdy

In this image we made just a slight variation from yesterdays pose with a significant move in the position of the camera. I like the feel of this pose more than the other. It doesn’t strike me as being a glamour photo like the other one did. I am surprised at the amount of red cast on Shannon’s body in this photo. It was just before sundown but it seemed that the red came out more in the Polaroid more than the orange. I wish I had been able to get a little bit of a higher shooting angle. I really wanted to be slightly above and looking down but I didn’t have anything to stand on.

I see you again tomorrow,

JW Purdy

Polaroid Project Day 2 photo 5

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 2-5 by JW Purdy

In this photo, we went for a sexy pose which is always fun. Shannon is the perfect accent to this great piece of machinery. I love that you really get a sense of scale in this photo with Shannon leaning on the tractor tire. This really is a big piece of equipment. Shannon is 5’9″, which is rather tall, and she looks small up against the tires.

Sorry for the late post,

JW Purdy

Polaroid Project Day 2 photo 6

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 2-6 by JW Purdy

You may have noticed already that I am not posting the photos in the order they were taken but rather in the order we favor the images. For this photo, I place the two trees on the horizon away from Shannon to give the photo a little balance and interest. I missed the mark and placed the trees too close to Shannon’s figure and the horizon line is slightly skewed. The horizon line is acceptable to me however the placement of the trees along with the nearly symmetrical placement of Shannon’s arms caused me to rate this photo low. I don’t know if it is the placement of the arms or what be the fact that she is missing feet also really bothers me in this photo. I do however like the coloring of the sky and the warm light falling on her figure.

Until next time,

JW Purdy

Polaroid Project Day 2 photo 7

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 2-7 by JW Purdy

In this post, you will see why we stopped at this location. Just sitting in an empty dried up rice field was this big beautiful John Deere tractor begging to be used as a prop. I think Shannon makes it look even better than it did before we got there of course.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy

Polaroid Project Day 2 photo 8

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 2-8 by JW Purdy

Last Sunday I had planned for us to head out sometime around midday for our weekend photo shoot. After having done really nothing of importance all morning I found myself wanting a nap, wow, lazy I know right. Working six days at two different jobs makes me feel like I have the right to do absolutely nothing on my Sunday if I don’t want to. Yet somewhere in the back of my mind, I know that this is the one day I have to really spend with our family and I’ll run around all day doing family stuff with the Purdy crew. Now with most of the kids away at school and having a new project, we really focus on shooting and finding locations to work. It is always so much fun and a wonderful way to spend our time together. After waking from my short nap we headed out just to scout for a location. I was disappointed in myself and thought I had wasted too much time napping for us to get a shoot completed but I was still hopeful there may be an outside chance.  We headed West from the house into the setting sun. We had seen many times on our travels several locations that would be perfect for shooting and wanted to see if it was really going to be possible without getting in trouble. After driving for about 30 minutes Shannon was ready to throw in the towel and head back home. I told her just to give it a few more minutes.

Ten minutes later and we found something interesting and turned down a little farm to market road. As we headed down the road we saw a huge tractor sitting in an empty rice field. Just our luck, someone was already there taking photos of it. It is really hard to believe we ran into another photographer, golden hour or not, in this very rural farming area. We continued down the road past the scene a mile or so and stopped to read a historical marker sign. As I read the woman that had been taking photos of the tractor passed by in her van. I quickly jumped in our car and Shannon and I head back for some photos in the setting sun. Being that it was golden hour I loaded the color film pack into the camera. I couldn’t think of a better time to shoot color film, golden hour with a big green tractor as a prop. I really should have taken my shots more sparingly. I missed a wonderful shot that we thought of after I was out of film. I did end up getting the photo but I took it was my Canon and not the Polaroid. I will post it after all the Polaroids are up on the site.

In this, our last photo Shannon is just cheesing for the camera. She is such a character and makes life so much fun. It is very hard to capture someone’s personality on film but every once in a while during long projects, I get a few photos that give you a glimpse of it. She really is wonderful and the love of my life.

Until next time,

JW Purdy

Polaroid Project Day 1 photo 1

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 1-1 by JW Purdy

As promised yesterday, our favorite photo from the first session of our new long-term project. The first element of the photo that really hit me was the piercing gaze on Shannon’s face. Even from a slight distance with a Polaroid, her eyes are so intense. The contrast of Shannon’s figure to the aged wood in the background is absolutely perfect. I love that the near black gears and belts give the scene a little additional pop and wow factor. Shannon’s braid, even though it’s black, acts as a leading line to her beautiful full breasts. Her square shoulders really act to separate her from the background and give the photo a three-dimensional feel. Her arm and hand placement work very well to frame her body in a very feminine way and are not distracting. I like the fact that the curve of her bottom is just hidden from full view making you want to see more. If you could only get on the tips of your toes maybe you could see a full view of it. I love a photo that gives you a feeling of wanting to see just a little more.

As you can tell I am very satisfied with our first outing for the new project. The second one is already in the books as well and I will start posting the images tomorrow. I hope you are enjoying seeing Shannon on a regular basis again. I know I am happy working with her again. I feel complete and in harmony with the world and looking forward to this weekends shoot. We are BACK in business, oh yeah!

Unit next time,

JW Purdy