My Nude Year: Day 359 of 365


Merry Christmas everyone, we hope that all of you
had a wonderful day. We had a house filled with
family and friends. Shannon made a wonderful
dinner for everyone and then we all played games
that centered on the day. A lot of the questions were
based on Christmas trivia and our team won. It has
been so unseasonably hot around here. Today’s high
temperature was 81 degrees. Never in my life have I
seen a temp in the 80’s this late in the year. I was
outside working a little today and broke a sweat.

Yesterday Shannon told me of her idea for our photo
concept today. She wanted to be a living Christmas
tree. I grabbed some of our large outside bulbs and
the star from the tree in the living room and we set
up. The photo was harder to capture than I thought
it would be. The bulbs really throw a lot of light
around. By and by the photo came out okay and
tells the viewer what day of the year it was. Oh, the
project really paid off today. One question for our
game was what day of the year does Christmas fall
on, easy Day 359.

Until tomorrow,
JW Purdy