#CurrentThoughts on Modeling



I feel there is a mix of people in the world who get a lot of enjoyment from shooting whatever content they most enjoy. I have been in deep contemplation on the model/photographer and even artists in the general community. I know that there is just a purity in itself to create images that provoke the soul, spirit and it being satisfaction enough to create stories within those elements. I have my many reasons to shoot what I do on both sides of the camera. It took me some feeling around to find what it is that I truly need/want out of it. What bothers me is that there are people who exploit and take advantage of open hearted spiritual artists because it’s the easiest.The photographers blacklist that is being spread nation wide as well as internationally wide has brought up some deep thoughts and feelings for me. Everyone models and photographs for their own reasons. I model only for the soul purpose to enjoy my body in the art form in all it can express that I choose to share. My modeling is mine. If I want to work with someone who sparks my soul and eye. I work along those lines with them, so the visions unite. That is my joy. To be able to express the many personas I am in my own body that I can control. When it becomes one sided, then it becomes exploitation. No dollar sign should make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, or the name of the photographer, or the body of work they produce. I have had flashbacks on shoots that, should have been red flags but I didn’t think twice about it at the time. My heart was set on art, and whatever it entails. I learned to choose to only create art that I could also control, but also that my body felt the most at home within my skin. No one should ever feel that way, professional or not, for fun or not. Regardless, the community should always remain professional. I know that real relationships can develop within an artist community, shit I am in one. But, it shouldn’t be at all the reason why people should do this. Invoke emotions, invoke stories, invoke art. But, let it be genuine, let it be consented, and let it be something you can always be proud of. Respect your muses, fall in love with your images, not the model. I have learned to channel a lot of what I emote through the lens, but I can easily switch when the camera gets set down. I can be your friend, we can geek out on everything under the sun, we can friendly flirt. We can cut up, and laugh. You can feed me dinner. But, that look I gave you of love, sensuality and yearning. Isn’t for you, it’s for the story I am telling, that is my own. I didn’t give it to you, I gave it to the image. ‪#‎RantOver‬ I’ve just been sitting on these feelings for awhile now.

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Totally agree with this. Some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met have been models. I love just hanging out with them and get pissed when I here about some jerkoff trying to go too far. I know I’m in a different situation than many, being married to a figure model, but really the model agreed to shoot with you not have sex with you. I however would like to add that a model who puts someone on a dirty list for some bullshit reason like not having enough forethought to use an alias is more than just wrong. This kind if crap ruins a photographer’s reputation just because of some stupid little thing. It’s a two way street and both models and photographers need to be mindful of that.