So this chic named Brennan Hill added me to a do not work with list. In the section she put me was labelled ““Inappropriate” means that the photographer is allegedly responsible for one or all of the following: “groping, soliciting sex, sending dick pics, extreme limit pushing.””
So guess which one I am guilty of??? “EXTREME LIMIT PUSHING” cause she once posted a half ass nude image and with the label “I dont ever shoot Glamour. LOL” and I replied with “hate to tell you, but this image is not glamour. Then she got all pissed off and then i trolled the shit out of her.
So, let’s just get this straight… i never met the bitch, i dont care about her, i dont think she is any good and I tell the bitch that she  doesn’t even know her own industry and I am put in a group on her list and her blog with people who send dick pics to clients…
fuck that silly drama. Someone has a complex that is just laughable. Brennan Hill I never heard your name til the day you said some dumb shit, i dont like your port, i dont like you. Sorry you got called the fuck out and you dont know how to deal with it. Putting me side by side with creepers is your way of “sticking it to me”????
it just shows that your list is at best untrustworthy and at worst you trying to fuck with peoples money cause they dont want to mess with you and cater to you.
If you skin is so thin that you cant handle it… go find another line of work.