PSA TO PHOTOGRAPHERS: Sexually violating models needs to stop now.


There have been an alarming number of posts lately of photographers sexually harassing or worse, sexually assaulting models.

This is not right.

When a person agrees to work with you, you need to WORK with them. The end. Period. And just to make sure you are 100% clear, “work” does NOT equal “try to stick weiner inside”.

This isn’t fucking tinder or okcupid.

You are supposed to be creatives, artists, not sex offenders. Keep your fucking hands to yourself and keep your dick in your pants. Do NOT use your position of control to cop a feel, send a dick pic, slut-shame, try to “get some”, or anything. You are at work, so fucking work.

Need to move something on them? Get consent. It’s not that hard, watch, I’ll show you…

Scenario 1
Me: Can I move your hair back?
Her: No, I got this.
Me: Awesome!

Scenario 2
Me: Can I move your hair back?
Her: Sure
Me: *moves hair back, then steps back to prepare to take the photo*
Me: Awesome!

See? Not so hard, is it…

What? You think a model is giving you sparkle eyes beyond just “working the camera”? Tough shit. Do NOT act on that most likely misguided feeling. You are on the job. Do you just grope people at your day job? What the fuck is wrong with you?

Seriously. Enough. This needs to stop now.