My Nude Year: Day 13 of 365

My nude year – Shannon Purdy Day 13 by JW Purdy

Today Shannon started to feel the pressure of shooting a
photo per day. She told me, “I’m tired of taking a photo
every day. Can’t we just take a break?” I laughed softly
and told her to get ready to shoot. I had before explained
to her how hard it really is to shoot a photo every single
day. I know it sounds easy enough but really it is very
difficult. After a few weeks, it seems like a burden and not
something fun or that has a purpose. I discovered this
during my first successful attempt now available as a
book titled, “Hardest 365.” The next few months will be
very hard for her but after that, it just becomes a habit and
you stop thinking about it.

JW Purdy