My nude year Day 9 of 365

My nude year – Shannon Purdy Day 9 by JW Purdy

We had a little trouble with today’s photo. We tried three different poses before we found one to settle on. I have two mannequins in my attic and earlier in the week while putting some things away I brought one down. The pose I wanted to try and shoot was to capture the mannequin pulling Shannon’s hair while propped on a stole. Shannon’s idea was to have the mannequin holding her while she lying on her side. Needless to say, neither of these ideas worked out for us. Finally, I decided to shoot something that just felt right in theory. I grabbed my black living-room chair and asked her to think of Helmet Newton. We came up with a strong pose and started playing with the lighting. I wanted a photo with high contrast and an edgy Newton feel to it.

JW Purdy